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List of Online Payday Lenders

Remember those unexpected bills that always come at the end of the month, just before the next paycheck?
According to the Federal Reserve research, 39% of Americans cannot cover a $400 emergency expense. The most common ways to deal with the lack of funds are borrowing from family or friends, using a credit card, or taking a payday loan from online cash advance lenders. The latter option has incontestable benefits: speed, convenience, and confidentiality.

The only problem with it is that finding payday loan lenders might take a lot of time, and this is exactly what you don’t have when you need to solve an emergency right now. If you decide to do it yourself, you’ll have to go through a long list of direct payday lenders online and check each of them for meeting the quality criteria. Are they legit online cash advance lenders? Can they provide a loan fast and easily? Can they borrow you money if your credit score is bad? Is your personal and financial information safe with these payday installment loan lenders? Don’t waste your time looking for answers to these questions — find your loan with

This platform aims to connect borrowers with lenders that can satisfy their loan requests. We have an extensive list of real direct online payday lenders, all gathered in one place. The whole process is always:

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We do not charge anything from the borrowers.


We do not charge anything from the borrowers.


We do not charge anything from the borrowers.


We do not charge anything from the borrowers.

When looking for a loan yourself, you risk coming across the list of online payday loan lenders operating illegally and getting yourself into serious trouble. With us, you are connected to a vetted lender within minutes and get your money as fast as tomorrow.

What Are The Best Online
Payday Loans

When you’re in a hurry, you might feel like your only option is to accept the first available loan offer regardless of the terms because there might not be another one. But the thing is, taking a loan on unfriendly terms will only drag you into more financial troubles, and besides, the process of getting one might be quite exhausting as well.

We believe that it’s best to aim for the top payday loans only and don’t settle for less. The signs of the best legit payday loans are:

  • a reasonable interest rate that doesn’t turn a loan into an unbearable burden;
  • an installment amount you can handle monthly;
  • a smooth process of applying for a loan and getting one. can help you find the best online payday loans and connect you with a vetted lender — just follow these simple steps and solve your financial problem today.

How to get the top-rated payday loans in 3 steps

We’ve made the process of finding the best cash advance online as easy as it could be. Now you don’t need to go anywhere or send tons of loan applications to various lenders, as all of them have already been gathered in our network.


Check your interest rate

Looking for a loan without knowing your interest rate is like going fishing without a rod. This is the first thing a potential lender will be looking at and the thing that might determine your final loan terms. As a rule, the higher your score is the better terms you get, and vice versa. But no worries, a bad credit score is not always bad news. Lenders from our network are willing to work with all kinds of credits, so you might not get the best online cash advance terms, but you’ll still get the reasonable ones.


Fill in a form on

If you’ve ever applied for a loan in a bank, you know that it involves lines, a lot of paperwork, and all the other things getting on your nerves. We wanted to ease the process and make it as smooth and pleasant as getting a loan might be. Now, you don’t need to go anywhere, print anything, or fax anything. Just fill in an online form with some basic information about
the loan you’re looking for, and we’ll connect you to a lender within sheer seconds. We don’t ask you to provide any documents, however, a lender might request some later on.


Get your loan offer

Once you’re connected to a lender, you’ll receive the loan offer with all the terms described in details. Pay attention to the loan amount, interest rate, monthly installments, and possible fines in case of non-payment or late payments (which we don’t recommend doing). If you are okay with the terms and think that it’s one of the best installment payday loans you can get, accept the offer and wait for the money to be credited to your bank account. In some cases, it can happen as soon as tomorrow or even today.the loan you’re looking for, and we’ll connect you to a lender within sheer seconds. We don’t ask you to provide any documents, however, a lender might request some later on.

How To Compare Payday Loans or Why Look For The Best Payday Loan Reviews

If you decide to look for a payday loan organization yourself, it’s important to shop around and don’t get caught by the first loud offer claiming to be the best payday loan provider with the best terms and a 100% guarantee and whatnot. Even if you need the money for yesterday, try to keep calm, be reasonable, and compare the best-rated payday loan companies considering the following aspects:


To be considered the best cash advance company, a loan organization should be licensed to provide this kind of service in your state. Besides, you need to be sure that data encryption is used to protect your personal and financial information at any stage.

Interest rate

An interest rate will depend on the loan size, your credit score, and other factors, but it shouldn’t be unreasonably high in any case.

Installment amount

It will also depend on the loan size and term. Make sure you’re aware of this amount and can afford to pay it monthly with no delays, otherwise, it can lead to fines and will definitely influence your credit score.

Possible fines

Speaking of fines, this is one of the important factors to consider when comparing top payday loan companies. There could be fines for late payments, for paying off the loan earlier than stated in the agreement, and for whatever else the loan company can think of, so be sure to check it out.

Application process

Some companies are quite up-to-date when it comes to the application process, but some seem to freeze back in time. When choosing the best rated payday loan company, opt for the one that can ensure a smooth online process with no paperwork, irritating calls, and days of waiting.

Clients’ reviews

It can also be useful to check the best payday loan reviews from previous clients before accepting the loan offer. You can’t trust anything they say on the internet, but at least you can get the overall impression of what people think of the company.

Your Lender

Is Already Waiting

Finding the best payday loan consolidation company is not that easy, is it?

The good thing is that you can skip all those steps and find a loan with No more looking for that best payday loan company review that will give you the green light, no more googling what is the best payday loan consolidation company, as all the best companies are already collected in our network. Just fill in a form and we will connect you to a lender right now.

We know you often have specific demands for the loans and might need more information before you make up your mind, so we tried to answer all your questions and cover all the categories.


…direct lender payday loans

Most of the borrowers prefer taking a loan from payday loans lenders, not brokers. Borrowing money, in this case, is easier, faster, and often more effective terms-wise. That’s why is working with payday loans provided online by direct lenders only.

Taking a loan from a cash advance direct lender has a number of important advantages:


A direct lender is much more flexible when it comes to loan terms, which means, in some cases, you can negotiate and get some of the requirements waived or improved. It’s impossible when working with a broker.


Unlike direct cash advance lenders, a broker will charge you additional fees.


The process is usually much faster when you work with a lender directly,
without any agents.

Our network consists of legit payday loan direct lenders that can legally operate in your state. You can expect reasonable terms, a smooth process, an online application, and all the other perks of getting money with our help. So fill in a form and get the easy payday loans online from a vetted direct lender.

…best payday loans near me

When you are looking for the best place to get cash advance, you most likely want it to be somewhere near you, as traveling a long way to apply for a loan is just another source of stress. But did you know that you can get the territorial factor off the table at all?

Looking for the cash advance lenders near me is pointless, as with, you can get access to all the awesome lenders, not just the ones located in your neighborhood. With us, the best place to get a payday loan is not across the street, it’s everywhere.

…best online payday loans for bad credit

Bad credit is a pain in the neck for a lot of borrowers. You get your loan application declined several times in a row because your score is not high enough, and now you’re afraid to even apply anymore.

We believe that a bad credit score shouldn’t be some kind of a black mark on a person, and everyone should have access to legal loans. That’s why lenders we work with are providing loans to the borrowers with all kinds of scores and credit histories (although the terms might vary).

…best payday loans online with the same day deposit

Another important factor when looking for a loan is speed. When there is an emergency, you need the money as soon as possible, preferably today. So borrowers are searching for online payday loans where a direct lender can guarantee them instant approval.

What we can say is that such a thing as “instant” doesn’t really exist in the world of lending. However, such a thing as “fast” can exist if you are getting one of the best payday loans online with same-day approval from our lenders.

Please note that the same-day approval doesn’t necessarily mean you will get your money today. Some of the same-day payday loans from direct lenders can be processed that fast, some require a bit more time, but in any case, you won’t be waiting for your money for days or weeks.

So it might not be an instant approval, but these same day payday loans are processed online and are provided by direct lenders. Thus, you save money on travels and talking to a broker, so it’s faster anyway.

…tribal lenders payday loans

When in trouble, some people are specifically looking for tribal lenders, as they think the tribes can provide better terms or blink at the bad credit score. And this might be true to some extent. As the US constitution recognizes Indian tribes as sovereign nations, they’re not subjects to state laws, only the federal ones. While some of our lenders are tribal, we can assure you that there is no need to make it a decisive point — all the lenders from our network are equally good, even though the terms they offer are not always equal.

So if you’re looking for tribal payday loans — just fill out an online form on our website and get connected to a direct lender. Soon after, you’ll receive the money directly into your bank account.

…no verification payday loans from direct lenders

And here comes the part when we talk a bit about myths. If you see someone promising you to get your loan application approved with no verification or no credit check, be sure it’s a scam, and you’re about to lose some money.

Loans with no verification only exist somewhere on the black market, which is an idea as bad that we won’t even talk about it. As long as things are legal, there will be some kind of a verification process and a credit check.

But no worries, you don’t need to have a lot of documents or a perfect score to get the money. To be eligible for a loan, you’ll be required to provide the following information:

a valid ID
a bank account in your name
proof of income, including social security or other benefits
a social security number

You don’t have to be employed or be a US citizen, having the SSN and any proof of income is usually enough.

…24-hour or 1-hour payday loans online from direct lenders

While the one-hour payday loans from a direct lender are mostly just another myth, a 24-hour loan sounds like a more real thing. With us, the whole process from finding a lender to sending an application and getting the money is done online, so you save a lot of time on commuting, printing, faxing, calling, and so on. You might not get the cash advance in an hour, but a lender will recieve your application as soon as you accept the loan offer and will start working on it immediately. Thus, you can get your money as soon as the next business day.

…no denial payday loans from direct lenders only

Here is the worst nightmare of every potential borrower: you have a financial emergency and need money right now. You send one loan application after another, and all of them get declined. Sounds scary, isn’t it? You are already looking for a guaranteed payday loan that will be approved by a direct lender no matter what, aren’t you?

The bad news is that guaranteed loans are either fairytales or scams, just like no credit check loans. There is no way to get a 100% guarantee as the loan approval depends on many factors known only to a lender. But you can always increase your chances. To do it, stay aware of your credit score, don’t miss your payments, and apply for a payday loan with a high acceptance rate from the lenders of our network.

…2nd chance payday loans from a direct lender deposited within an

Every person deserves a second chance. If you got your loan application declined once by some lender, it doesn’t mean there is no point in trying again with another one. If you are searching for money with, you can find a direct lender that doesn’t care how many times you got denied before and get your 2nd chance at payday loans.

Best Payday Loan Apps — Are They Worth It?

Technologies moved every industry forward, and the loan industry is not an exception. Today, you don’t need to look for a physical shop to fill in a loan application, you can download a lender’s app and do everything online. And while it definitely simplifies the process, it is still not the most effective way to get a loan unless you want to end up with a phone full of apps from different lenders that you can’t tell from each other.

Forget about apps, there are only three steps keeping you from your loan:


Fill in an online form


Let us connect you
to a lender


Accept the loan
application and get
the money.

Get a Loan Today


A lender providing payday loans should be licensed to work in your state, be ready to provide clearly explained loan details to you, and have good reviews from other borrowers. With the help of PaydayLoanOrganizations, you can get connected to one of the vetted lenders and get a safe loan.

No. While the term “best loan” can mean anything, it definitely doesn’t mean that it can be approved without a credit check, which takes time. So while you can get a payday loan fast, it will still take some time.

Yes, payday loans are available to unemployed people as well. However, you still need to have a stable source of income, such as disability benefits, unemployment benefits, or others.

Missing your loan payment can significantly damage your credit, and your account might be sent to a collection agency. If you have trouble paying your loan, it’s better to contact your lender in advance and ask for an extension of your loan term.